Residential and Commercial Property Cleaning

Get The Carpet Cleaning In Your Residential Property That You Deserve

Let’s face it; it is unlikely that any of us are willing to put forth the effort to rent or purchase an industrial carpet cleaning machine and use this device on the carpeting and upholstery items found in our homes. It has nothing to do with being lazy and has everything to do with feeling like we should enjoy a day off every now and again.

Professional carpet cleaning, residential or otherwise, involves using hot water soil extraction equipment to dislodge or dissolve dirt accumulated within carpeting over time. Unless you become a carpeting expert, performing this service yourselves could cause damage to the fibers or change the characteristics of the carpeting in your home. A professional carpet cleaning service provides you with access to equipment of varying sizes. Everything from hand-held portable units to truck mounted self-sustaining equipment that offers a faster, more efficient method for cleaning spots and stains missed by smaller units.


These professionals use preconditioning agents containing ammonia or vinegar and agitate stained areas with a grooming brush or automatic scrubbing machine. Using an automatic cleaning tool, or wand, they pass over each surface to rinse preconditioners, loosen residues, and remove particles that have accumulated over time. Having a hot water extraction method performed on your carpeting helps remove more dirt and grime than regular vacuuming while also protecting your carpeting from wear and tear.

There is an attachment called a bonnet that allows cleaners to scrub stained areas, or provide you with a deeper clean than normal with an oscillating pad that attracts soils. It turns your carpet cleaner into a mop and bucket that eliminates additional residues. Shampooing your carpet using wet cleaning rotary machines, followed by hot-water extraction gives you the best results and cuts drying time. Having these services performed at least once a year results in obtaining a beautiful, healthy carpeting surface for your family to enjoy while protecting your initial investment as well.


Take this opportunity to contact a local restoration company that you trust; they can provide you with the carpet cleaning services you deserve and help you maintain a clean, healthy environment at home.


Get Ahead Of The Curve With Regular Drapes And Blind Cleaning

Home and business owners frequently ignore drapes and blinds when considering decor and furnishings that need regular cleaning services. It is not uncommon for carpet and upholstery cleanings to be scheduled and completed several times over the period of a few years before the window coverings are even noticed.

When you finally decide to look into drapery and blind cleaning they may be so dirty that you barely recognize them when they are returned and hung in your windows. Realizing just how beautiful your window treatments can be may be an incentive to begin adding drapes and blinds into the cleaning rotation.

Most drapes are constructed of fabrics not amenable to simple laundering. Dry cleaning is the most commonly recommended method by which to remove dirt, stains, dust, grease, and grime. Because they hang in windows drapes and blinds both collect insects, pollen, and rainwater.

Blinds present different challenges. Simple slat designs in metal, wood or plastic collect grease, dirt, and dust. Attempting to clean them as a do-it-yourself project is nearly impossible as they are awkward to scrub, and the soiling on them drips and smears, staining the cords that provide their structure. Professional blind cleaners use an immersion or ultrasonic techniques to loosen and eradicate the dirt on both sides of each slat. Blinds can also be made of fabric, bamboo, reeds, and a range of other materials. Each has a particular cleaning protocol a professional drape and blind cleaner is familiar with using successfully.

If your drapes and blinds are showing signs of neglect, do your research to find a local cleaning company experienced in dry or wet cleaning of the kinds of materials that make up your window coverings. Arrange for a baseline cleaning and then plan to have them cleaned professionally every 2 to 3 years. If you reside in a dusty or windy area or smokers reside in your home a yearly cleaning might be more appropriate.

When choosing your blinds and drapes cleaning company look for experienced and certified technicians who perform the actual cleaning. Providing help taking them down and rehanging them after cleaning is a plus.

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