Jacksonville Mold Damage – Finding Mold Damage in Jacksonville


High humidity, temperatures, and moisture in the air is the perfect recipe for mold growth. Unfortunately for those with mold issues, a state that is known for these qualities is Florida.

Mold in Jacksonville is more common than arid regions of the United States. Living in a state with tropical weather has its pros and cons. One con being the increased potential for mold growth. However, our mold remediation professionals are ready to treat, remove, and prevent mold from Jacksonville homes.

Checking for Mold in Unlikely Places
In Florida, using air conditioners, exhaust fans, reducing indoor humidity, and other tricks can help decrease the risk of mold growth in your home. However, something homeowners do not often think about checking for mold are the “hidden” areas of the home not easily accessed. It is these materials that could be at risk of absorbing moisture and contributing to mold growth.

For example, the backside of carpets and padding is a particularly large blind spot in most Florida homes. While most Floridians opt for tiling, concrete, laminate, or treated wood flooring due to the tropical conditions we live in, some homes still opt to install carpeting. The problem is, if your home has ever experienced a leak, a bit of flooding, or has a moisture or humidity problem, carpeting can allow mold to thrive in out-of-sight places.

The backside of carpeting and the subfloor padding is a problem our specialists have encountered time and time again. Homeowners understandably do not frequently check the underside of their carpeting after it is professionally installed in their home. Unfortunately, this means that detecting mold growth is nearl