Jacksonville Fire Damage – Does my home really need professional smoke removal?

By Bryce Clark


16 Oct. 2016

Smoke damage is a serious consequence of fire emergencies that many owners do not know how to handle. While some will call in a professional immediately to fix the problem, many figure it will dissipate on its own, and no expert attention is needed.

If your home has fire damage in Jacksonville, no doubt you have noticed the after effects of smoke. However, if you are wondering whether you really need to contact a pro, here are some situations where it is typically best.

1. You had a fire that was severe.

Severe fires produce the most smoke, and that smoke will eventually ruin your home’s structure and possessions if left to sit for extended periods of time. The soot will wear through paint, flooring, destroy documents, books, and photos, and can even stain furniture. SERVPRO has the equipment necessary to quickly and effectively get rid of smoke, and we can also restore items that have been affected by fire damage.

2. You smell off-odors well after a fire has occurred.

If you can smell the telltale odors of smoke caused by fire damage, even after your home was repaired, professional help will likely solve the problem. Household cleaners will not combat smoke damage, and neither will using artificial home fragrances, candles, and the like. We will use our technologically advanced equipment and expertise to get your home smelling great again.

3. You notice smoke residue on various surfaces throughout your home.

Many homeowners are perplexed to find that soot seems to come out of nowhere well after a fire has occurred. This can even be the case with minor fires or after extensive cleaning has been done. If you have ever wiped your hand across a counter, mantle, or other surfaces and noticed soot, that is because smoke particles are still in the air. SERVPRO offers services to remedy this issue.

4. Your home’s air quality has dropped.

If the air within a home and its surfaces are not cleansed of smoke particles, they will linger and affect indoor air quality. It is not just the smell that will change in your home, but the atmosphere as well — many describe it as feeling like the air is heavier or more filled with pollutants. Our team can effectively rid your home of airborne smoke particles and those stuck to surfaces.

At SERVPRO of Jacksonville South, we offer fire damage restoration services that include smoke and soot removal. For a quote or to get more information about how we can restore your home after a fire emergency, call us at (904) 762-8066.

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