Water Damage to Laminate Flooring

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Water damage in Jacksonville to laminate flooring is very common. The cause of this damage is often a flood, slow leak from plumbing, improper maintenance, and everyday spills. Water repeatedly tracked onto laminate flooring by pets, and people can lead to damage over time. Damage is even more common with less expensive DPL products and if water has not been immediately cleaned up from the laminate wood surface.



Water damage of Jacksonville costs can sometimes get paid back by a warranty of the flooring you purchased or even from you home owner’s insurance. However, most often water damage is not covered by warranty or insurance. The severity of the damage may require everything from replacing individual floor planks to replacing an entire floor with a whole new installation.

Ways Water Damages Laminate Flooring

Damage from plumbing, appliances, water lines, and other sources can be slow and difficult to identify. They can penetrate the core laminate material. You can hire an inspector to assess the excessive moisture on your flooring with a moisture meter.
Severe water leaks from an overflowing toilet or pipe that has burst open can cause laminate flooring to buckle. Moisture can also enter into the bottom of the laminate floor or back with Jacksonville water damage occurring from cupping. Cupping is when the entire floor forms the shape of a cup from a concrete floor that is too wet.

The improper clean up from pet accidents and spills can develop swelling at laminate flooring joints. These are expanded areas along edges of the laminate floor plank. Most often this happens from wet mopping or using floor cleaning equipment. It may take years for you to begin to notice the damage.

Repairing Water Damage to Laminate Flooring
Remember laminate flooring is a floating flooring system. It requires expansion gaps in the flooring to allow for expansion over time. If your floor buckled due to water damage, be sure and avoid walking on the buckled flooring. This buckling could cause permanent damage to the locking system.
Laminate Flooring RepairYou may be able to reinstall several planks, or replace the entire room. You can repair the flooring in several simple steps. Be sure to uninstall the laminate up to the problem or damage areas. If the floor locking system is not damaged, you can just reinstall new planks. If the locking system is damaged, you will need to replace the entire floor.

You can use a circular saw or crowbar and pry damaged planks loose. Before you replace with any new planks, be sure to clean the floor underneath completely. Further, replace planks one at a time. Ensure that new planks match the color of older planks. Consider hiring a professional to do the water damage repairs if you are unsure what to do. Remember take the time to prevent future Jacksonville water damage by addressing any issues that caused the damage in the first place.