Jacksonville – When Flooding Creates Massive Water Damage in Your Home

Water Damage Restoration Options In Jacksonville

There are dozens of ways a residence or commercial building in the Jacksonville area can exhibit damage from unexpected or unwanted water incursions. No other substance is both so necessary to life and daily comfort and so deleterious to both building structures and contents. Because water is a constant in modern life, the potential for water damage is continual and multifaceted.

Weather-related water damage linked to catastrophic precipitation may first come to mind, but the most common types of water damage stem from the wearing down of plumbing-related systems, owner negligence or neglect, or a broad range of water-based accidents. Simply because the source of water damage is mundane, however, does not mean the loss is insignificant or that restoration is natural or professional help unnecessary.

Aging or improperly installed plumbing is the reason for much water damage in homes and businesses. Small leaks are often unnoticed, but this does not mean the damage done is minor. A cracked toilet seal, for example, gradually permits water to saturate ceilings, floors, and walls, unseen for a time, but quite evident when paint peels, drywall crumbles and discolors, and ceiling tiles bulge or fall.

This slowly progressive harm impacts the integrity of supporting wooden framing, destroys insulation, ruins wall coverings, and causes floors to buckle and warp. The longer water soaks into organic materials like wood, paper, and fabrics the more likely mold growth and damage complicate the repair of wet areas.

Other common causes of water damage in Jacksonville homes and commercial buildings link to appliance malfunction and operator error. Laundry machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and boilers are just some of the everyday conveniences that easily spill or spew water if a pump fails, a latch breaks, a seal does not engage, or a tank rusts through. Neglected bathtubs overfill, and sprinklers overwater the lawn and flood a foundation.

If the event is observed, water damage can limit the reaction of the person or employee who first notes the problem. Often the problem is only detected later, after dozens of gallons of water flood through a kitchen or fill the basement. Quick and comprehensive response minimizes secondary damage, but even a few days of inaction allow a water event to transform into a mold remediation necessity or significant structural destruction. Many property owners come home after a vacation or back to work after a weekend to find a little water spill transformed into a crisis.

When water damage occurs, property owners are wise to seek professional assessment and restoration. Because water travels freely and unpredictably, it becomes necessary to have experts evaluate what the source of the problem is and where water may have migrated, hidden yet actively fueling mold or deterioration of building materials in Jacksonville homes. Moisture measurement and the establishment of drying goals based upon industry standards need completion by trained technicians. Water removal strategies and structural drying plans require professional grade equipment operated by certified individuals.

Water saturated and damaged contents are frequently given up as ruined, yet modern techniques dry and restore a wide variety of documents, furnishings, heirlooms, clothing, floor coverings, electronics, and more. Consulting a reputable water damage restoration firm may offer an opportunity to recover many items thought lost.

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When water creeps, seeps, or leaks within your property, a quick inspection by an experienced water damage remediation company reaps significant benefits. Engage a well-regarded firm to find and arrange for the elimination of the water source, and then expect a thorough restoration of your home or business back to pre-water loss condition.


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Jacksonville Mold Damage – Finding Mold Damage in Jacksonville

By Bryce A. Clark

3 Nov. 2016

High humidity, temperatures, and moisture in the air is the perfect recipe for mold growth. Unfortunately for those with mold issues, a state that is known for these qualities is Florida.

Mold in Jacksonville is more common than arid regions of the United States. Living in a state with tropical weather has its pros and cons. One con being the increased potential for mold growth. However, our mold remediation professionals at SERVPRO are ready to treat, remove, and prevent mold from Jacksonville homes.

Checking for Mold in Unlikely Places
In Florida, using air conditioners, exhaust fans, reducing indoor humidity, and other tricks can help decrease the risk of mold growth in your home. However, something homeowners do not often think about checking for mold are the “hidden” areas of the home not easily accessed. It is these materials that could be at risk of absorbing moisture and contributing to mold growth.

For example, the backside of carpets and padding is a particularly large blind spot in most Florida homes. While most Floridians opt for tiling, concrete, laminate, or treated wood flooring due to the tropical conditions we live in, some homes still opt to install carpeting. The problem is, if your home has ever experienced a leak, a bit of flooding, or has a moisture or humidity problem, carpeting can allow mold to thrive in out-of-sight places.

The backside of carpeting and the subfloor padding is a problem our specialists have encountered time and time again. Homeowners understandably do not frequently check the underside of their carpeting after it is professionally installed in their home. Unfortunately, this means that detecting mold growth is nearly impossible until it spreads into a much larger problem.

The same detection problems go for the backside of drywall, where bacterial and mold can also grow. Water from a damaged roof, HVAC system, or flood can all leave water damage and subsequent moisture that allows mold to thrive behind your walls.

Contact Us
“Out of sight, out of mind” is definitely not a motto to live by when it comes to mold inside your home. Contact SERVPRO of Arlington at (904) 721-2300 day or night for professional mold remediation in your Jacksonville area home.

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Jacksonville Fire Damage – Does my home really need professional smoke removal?

By Bryce Clark


16 Oct. 2016

Smoke damage is a serious consequence of fire emergencies that many owners do not know how to handle. While some will call in a professional immediately to fix the problem, many figure it will dissipate on its own, and no expert attention is needed.

If your home has fire damage in Jacksonville, no doubt you have noticed the after effects of smoke. However, if you are wondering whether you really need to contact a pro, here are some situations where it is typically best.

1. You had a fire that was severe.

Severe fires produce the most smoke, and that smoke will eventually ruin your home’s structure and possessions if left to sit for extended periods of time. The soot will wear through paint, flooring, destroy documents, books, and photos, and can even stain furniture. SERVPRO has the equipment necessary to quickly and effectively get rid of smoke, and we can also restore items that have been affected by fire damage.

2. You smell off-odors well after a fire has occurred.

If you can smell the telltale odors of smoke caused by fire damage, even after your home was repaired, professional help will likely solve the problem. Household cleaners will not combat smoke damage, and neither will using artificial home fragrances, candles, and the like. We will use our technologically advanced equipment and expertise to get your home smelling great again.

3. You notice smoke residue on various surfaces throughout your home.

Many homeowners are perplexed to find that soot seems to come out of nowhere well after a fire has occurred. This can even be the case with minor fires or after extensive cleaning has been done. If you have ever wiped your hand across a counter, mantle, or other surfaces and noticed soot, that is because smoke particles are still in the air. SERVPRO offers services to remedy this issue.

4. Your home’s air quality has dropped.

If the air within a home and its surfaces are not cleansed of smoke particles, they will linger and affect indoor air quality. It is not just the smell that will change in your home, but the atmosphere as well — many describe it as feeling like the air is heavier or more filled with pollutants. Our team can effectively rid your home of airborne smoke particles and those stuck to surfaces.

At SERVPRO of Jacksonville South, we offer fire damage restoration services that include smoke and soot removal. For a quote or to get more information about how we can restore your home after a fire emergency, call us at (904) 762-8066.

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Water Damage to Laminate Flooring

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Water damage in Jacksonville to laminate flooring is very common. The cause of this damage is often a flood, slow leak from plumbing, improper maintenance, and everyday spills. Water repeatedly tracked onto laminate flooring by pets, and people can lead to damage over time. Damage is even more common with less expensive DPL products and if water has not been immediately cleaned up from the laminate wood surface.
Water damage of Jacksonville costs can sometimes get paid back by a warranty of the flooring you purchased or even from you home owner’s insurance. However, most often water damage is not covered by warranty or insurance. The severity of the damage may require everything from replacing individual floor planks to replacing an entire floor with a whole new installation.

Ways Water Damages Laminate Flooring

Damage from plumbing, appliances, water lines, and other sources can be slow and difficult to identify. They can penetrate the core laminate material. You can hire an inspector to assess the excessive moisture on your flooring with a moisture meter.
Severe water leaks from an overflowing toilet or pipe that has burst open can cause laminate flooring to buckle. Moisture can also enter into the bottom of the laminate floor or back with Jacksonville water damage occurring from cupping. Cupping is when the entire floor forms the shape of a cup from a concrete floor that is too wet.

The improper clean up from pet accidents and spills can develop swelling at laminate flooring joints. These are expanded areas along edges of the laminate floor plank. Most often this happens from wet mopping or using floor cleaning equipment. It may take years for you to begin to notice the damage.

Repairing Water Damage to Laminate Flooring
Remember laminate flooring is a floating flooring system. It requires expansion gaps in the flooring to allow for expansion over time. If your floor buckled due to water damage, be sure and avoid walking on the buckled flooring. This buckling could cause permanent damage to the locking system.
Laminate Flooring RepairYou may be able to reinstall several planks, or replace the entire room. You can repair the flooring in several simple steps. Be sure to uninstall the laminate up to the problem or damage areas. If the floor locking system is not damaged, you can just reinstall new planks. If the locking system is damaged, you will need to replace the entire floor.

You can use a circular saw or crowbar and pry damaged planks loose. Before you replace with any new planks, be sure to clean the floor underneath completely. Further, replace planks one at a time. Ensure that new planks match the color of older planks. Consider hiring a professional to do the water damage repairs if you are unsure what to do. Remember take the time to prevent future Jacksonville water damage by addressing any issues that caused the damage in the first place.

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Three Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

By Bryce Clark

While residential and commercial property owners may face an extensive range of issues pertaining to their homes and offices, fires are likely the worst. Unfortunately, a fire can strike at any time. Moreover, the consequences can be devastating and even deadly. Nevertheless, attaining professional fire damage restoration services from a team of experts associated with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can help you bring your property back to life. Learn more about why attaining professional restoration services are important by reviewing the outline that appears below: 

Stress Relief
Enduring a fire and the havoc it wreaks on your property is immensely stressful. In addition to trying to salvage the contents that remain on your property, you will be confronted with the task of filing insurance claims. Nevertheless, you can reduce your level of stress by hiring a team of professional fire damage restoration experts to start the cleanup, repair, and remediation processes on your behalf.

Proper Tools and Training
Another benefit you attain by working with professional fire damage restoration experts is their use of proper tools and training. Industry experts will utilize tools such as air movers and dehumidifiers to restore your property back to excellent. They also possess the extensive training necessary to complete these tasks with remarkable expediency. The speed with which restoration experts work is essential because your possessions can start to discolor in a matter of minutes. And after several hours, your possessions can be stained with acid. By intervening immediately, fire damage professionals can preclude this deterioration and destruction from transpiring. 

Thorough and Detailed
When you call a team of professional fire restoration experts, no stone will go unturned. Industry experts understand how damaging smoke and soot can be, and they know exactly which tools and services to offer in order to eliminate it. They will go through each room of the property to identify and eradicate all signs of smoke damage. By attaining these efficient services, you can have your property restored with speed. 
Don’t Delay: Call SERVPRO Today!
When you discover that your property is subjected to the destruction and deterioration that fires generate, it’s time to take action. The appropriate course of action is to call the professionals of SERVPRO. Our industry professionals have extensive experience in the fire damage restoration sector. We’re ready to assist you with smoke and fire damage right now! 

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What Are The Benefits Of Water Damage Restoration Services?

By Bryce Clark

Once a flood or fire damages an individual’s home, it’s important for them to attain speedy, efficient water damage restoration services. The restoration process is a multi-faceted one, involving a vast range of services including cleaning and various repairs. Moreover, it is important that this process begins as quickly as possible to ensure that your property isn’t subjected to extensive damage. The best way to guarantee that your property is restored quickly and correctly is by obtaining professional water damage restoration services. Here are several reasons why you should take this course of action: 

Fast Restoration 
When you hire a team of professional water damage experts, they will complete your cleanup, repair, and restoration work with lightning speed. The contractors will be able to get the work done quickly due to their extensive experience in the restoration sector. Moreover, restoration firms will typically send multiple contractors to your property at one time. In so doing, the company specialists will be able to preclude your home from falling prey to secondary water damage. 
Mold And Mildew Growth Prevention 
In addition to ensuring the quick restoration of your property, water damage specialists are effective in reducing your susceptibility to a mold and mildew growth. They accomplish this objective by quickly removing excess water from the property. In the event that mold is already present on your property, the water damage experts will utilize industrial grade cleaners and disinfectants to eliminate the fungus with skill and speed. This work is immensely important because ongoing exposure to mold can adversely impact your health. 
Holistic Help
Another reason it’s a good idea to call a water damage restoration company in the wake of a disaster is that they can offer holistic services. Unfortunately, there is a broad range of property issues that can come into being when your property is subjected to water damage. Luckily, water damage experts can address and resolve them all. Some of the services contractors provide to accomplish this objective include vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, odor removal, smoke removal, deodorization, sanitation, and content restoration. 
Don’t Delay: Call SERVPRO Today!
If you’re serious about restoring your property after water damage, SERVPRO is the company to call. Our IICRC-certified technicians offer a full range of restoration services while simultaneously providing each client with 24/7 emergency services. Call us now to learn more about what we can do for you! 

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Water Damage Jacksonville – The Hard Facts about Hard Water Damage

By: Bryce Clark

20 NOV. 2014
Rain water becomes hard water after picking up minerals in the soil
A recent United States geological survey found that more than 85 percent of the country contains hard water. As a result, most Americans have had to deal with hard water at some point in their lives. With such an abundance of hard water around, this begs the questions: is it harmful to us or our homes? What makes it “hard?” How do we eliminate hard water?
What is Hard Water?
Rain water is considered soft because it is free from minerals. However, as that rain water passes through rock, soil, sand and other natural elements, it gains a variety of minerals. Therefore, once it arrives in your sink or shower, it has picked up a high level of salts like calcium and magnesium ions. The hardness of water can be measured by grains per gallon on a scale from 1 to 10. Luckily, hard water is not harmful to humans.
Hard Water Problems
Unfortunately, hard water can cause major water damage in Jacksonville to plumbing, homes, office buildings and other structures. Although there are many minerals that exist in hard water, the calcium and magnesium cause the most damage. When these two minerals are heated, they are removed from the water and encrusted onto any object they touch thus creating mineral deposits. This can greatly affect the performance of common household appliances.
Mineral deposits are unsightly in kitchens and bathrooms and are even more challenging to remove. Also, they indirectly cause soap scum because soaps do not lather well in hard water. Therefore, more soap is used during bathing and hand-washing.
Buildup from hard water on water heater elements
Structural Problems
Additionally, hard water minerals can build-up and clog pipes, thus reducing water flow. These deposits also shorten the life of water heaters resulting in higher utility bills in Town Center. Since these deposits are a poor conductor of heat, more energy is required to heat the water.
Disruption of Daily Lives
Although the deposits are not harmful to humans, hard water can have a major effect on your daily life. First, an invisible soapy film on the skin as a result of poor lathering can occur and leave you feeling extremely dry. Second, excess shampoo residue can leave your hair looking limp and dull. Third, glass and dishes will develop a white film, even after cleaning. Fourth, hard water can reduce the amount of sudsing during a rinse cycle which leaves clothes appearing to be dingy and grey and can even reduce the life cycle of clothes. Finally, hard water can even affect the taste of common water-based beverages like tea and coffee.
The Solution
There has to be a solution to all of this hard water nastiness, right? Luckily, there are many solutions to this problem. First, water softeners can be installed into the water system in South Riverside which will break up the deposits. Second, distilled vinegar or some other type of rinsing agent placed in the dishwasher can remove film. Third, follow the instructions for using laundry detergent for hard water. Fourth, use soaps that have been formulated specifically for hard water. Finally, conduct regular maintenance on your pipes and internal appliances in Baymeadows to remove build-up.
Hard water can be a major annoyance in your life. Luckily, there are simple solutions, many of which only require vinegar, to improve your life and the life cycle of your appliances. A variety of simple solutions exist to help you improve this common issue.
SERVPRO of Jacksonville SouthProfessionals provide fire and water damage restoration services. SERVPRO of Jacksonville South proudly serves Jacksonville, Town Center, South Riverside, Baymeadows, Spring Park, and surrounding areas. We are available 24 hours/7 days a week and are ready to restore damage to your home or commercial structure caused by:
Basement flooding or storm damage doesn’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. We respond to your residential or commercial water removal and cleanup needs. Our fast response time and advanced drying methods help prevent secondary damage and mold. Common causes of water damage are: